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IMISP academic staff is represented by a team of professionals. All of IMISP's academics have graduated from professional development programmes in business schools both IMISP's partners and some other management institutes of the USA, Canada, Ireland, witzerland and Slovenia.


Core faculty

Belyaeva_small.jpg (1.28 KB)

Elena I. Belyaeva


Bondar_small.jpg (1.32 KB)

Elena N. Bondarevskaya 


Golov_small.jpg (1.34 KB)

Larisa K. Golovkina


Karlik_small.jpg (1.36 KB)

Mikhail A. Karlik


Kovaleva_small.jpg (1.23 KB)

Tatiana Yu. Kovaleva


Kolchanov_small.jpg (1.27 KB)

Vladimir B. Kolchanov


Kopylov_small.jpg (1.18 KB)

Igor Yu. Kopylov


Moll_small.jpg (1.33 KB)

Elena G. Moll


Mordovin_small.jpg (1.3 KB)

Sergei K. Mordovin


Ogibin_small.jpg (1.26 KB)

Yuri A. Ogibin


Ovchinnikova-black.jpg (2.21 KB)

Irina E. Ovchinnikova

PAvlov_small.jpg (1.17 KB)

Dmitry L. Pavlov


Privol_small.jpg (1.2 KB)

Dmitry A. Privolnev


Ragin_small.jpg (1.27 KB)

Fedor V. Ragin


Senko_smal.jpg (1.22 KB)

Alexander A. Senko


Serbinova_small.jpg (1.28 KB)

Anastasia A. Serbinova


Funtov_small.jpg (1.31 KB)

Valery N. Funtov


Chernov_small.jpg (1.25 KB)

Alexander A. Chernov


Shkurat_small.jpg (1.2 KB)

Sergei Ye. Shkuratov


Shusharo_small.jpg (1.37 KB)

Veronica G. Shusharo